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Tanning Education

Check back often as we will be updating this page with helpful Educational links and article about Vitamin D, Tanning and Health.

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Skin Type

An individual’s skin phototype also influences the the amount of vitamin D produced relative to length of sun exposure time. Skin phototype is determined by melanin content (how light or dark one’s skin is).

Skin Phototypes:
Skin Type Skin Color Characteristics
I White; very fair; red or blond hair; blue eyes; freckles Always burns, never tans
II White; fair; red or blond hair; blue, hazel, or green eyes Usually burns, tans with difficulty
III Cream white; fair with any eye or hair color; very common Sometimes mild burn, gradually tans
IV Brown; typical Mediterranean caucasian skin Rarely burns, tans with ease
V Dark Brown; mid-eastern skin types Very rarely burns, tans very easily
VI Black Never burns, tans very easily